January 26, 2017
January 26, 2017
Lennox Lewis

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FORMER undisputed world heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis will be in the expert commentary booth for Chris Eubank’s clash with Renold Quinlan on February 4 in London.

Lewis insists Eubank has missed a trick by not using a trainer in the build up to the showdown at London’s Olympia, as he benefitted enormously from the advice and guidance given by the late Emanuel Steward, one of boxing’s most decorated coaches.

Lewis said: “This fight will be very interesting. Chris Eubank Jr. is a lot like his dad, who I came up in boxing with. In fact, the first time I saw Chris was at their house where his dad was training him. The legacy has been handed down.

“I think the last name is something he’s trying to live up to, and maybe even do better than his dad, and that has motivated him into becoming the world class fighter that he is now.

“As for the trainer aspects, you always need somebody to be able to tell you where you’re doing something wrong or where there are openings to get to your opponent that you’re not taking advantage of.

“A trainer can see little things, as an extra set of eyes, that you may not be able to see yourself in the heat of battle. Emanuel Steward wasn’t my cheerleader or motivational support.  He taught me strategy, he pointed out and corrected bad habits. We dissected our opponents’ styles, strengths and weaknesses and worked a plan to beat them.

“I think Chris is making a mistake in that regard to reduce a trainer down to someone who is just pushing him to be fit. A good trainer is so much more than that, and can make a big difference between adding a win to your record or suffering a loss, so this will be interesting to see how he makes any needed adjustments during the fight.

“I’m looking forward to this fight. Eubanks Jr. is a showman in the ring. He’s aggressive, throws high volumes of punches and is very elusive.  He’s a great athlete and his physical conditioning is never a question.  I expect him to come in and be himself, and usually that’s good enough to get the job done.

“I can’t say I know much about Quinlan but he’s the champ and there’s a reason for that so, even though Eubanks may be a bigger name, you can’t take him lightly.

“Quinlan has only had half the fights that Eubank Jr. has had so this will be a big challenge for him so come in against someone with that experience and in their prime.

“Even though he has the title, with so few fights, Quinlan has kind of been in a bubble fighting in Australia. This fight will really let us know if he’s the truth and really belongs in the conversation on the world stage.

“There’s a lot of questions to be answered by both fighters on February 4. I can’t wait to get the answers.”

Lennox Lewis and Andre Ward will be part of the commentating team for Eubank v Quinlan, live and exclusive on ITV Box Office on February 4th.

Also on the card will be the mouth-watering match-ups between David Price v Christian Hammer, Kid Galahad v Joseph Agbeko, Adam Etches v John Ryder and Andrew Selby v Ardin Diale.