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Malik Scott: Dereck Chisora is made for me

The American looking forward to making a name for himself on July 20

We have a classic brawler versus slick boxer match-up

UNBEATEN Philadelphian heavyweight Malik Scott maybe unfamiliar to some UK fans, but the 32-year-old with the 35-0-1(12) record is certain he will make his name in style when he meets Dereck Chisora at Wembley next month.

The athletic 6’4” boxer believes “Del Boy’s” aggressive style against his slick approach will make for an exciting fight. Scott also feels he will go on to challenge for a world title soon after their July 20 showdown.  

“I’ve seen enough of Dereck to know what he’s about,” the smooth-talking, intelligent Scott informs Boxing News.

“I haven’t seen his fights in full but I know what he does best. He’s tough, gritty, he wears his heart on his sleeve and I believe his style will bring out the very best of Malik Scott. This is the highest level I’ve fought at so far and people will see what my fans see - I’m the best-skilled heavyweight on the planet.”

Chisora is expected to come out and pressure Scott, but his U.S rival is more than ready for this.

“I’m a natural counter-puncher, my God-given talent makes me a slick, super-greasy fighter. But Dereck’s not going to have to look for me, and neither he nor the fans have to worry about me running all over the place. I’m looking forward to Dereck coming running at me like a bull and like I say, this will bring out the very best in me. We have a classic brawler versus slick boxer match-up.”

Scott, having flown under the radar during his near-13-year career, feels he has been largely avoided until now.

“I’ve definitely been avoided,” he says with a sigh.

“This is one of the reasons I give props to Dereck and his trainer. As soon as the Deontay Wilder fight fell through, they didn’t hesitate in offering me the fight, and we made the fight happen. No-one else was really stepping in with me. But I’m going to take full advantage of this opportunity and I’m looking forward to staying undefeated.”

Apart from his last fight, a controversial draw with unbeaten Ukraine fighter Vyacheslav Glazkov (a “robbery” Malik says, with most people agreeing with him), Scott has won with apparent ease. Yet he says he has been in some testing fights.

“I’ve been hit, this is boxing after all. But I’m always in shape, and I trust my defensive abilities, and any time I have been hit I’ve come right back at the guy and stayed with my gameplan and done what I had to do. This fight, it doesn’t matter how I win, just as long as I keep my undefeated record. How I do that, with either a KO or by giving Dereck one of my schooling craft sessions, it doesn’t matter. But I also know Dereck won’t allow me to just slide on by and just out-slick him. He’s going to be coming to fight hard and this will really compliment my style. I know he won’t lie down, and that impresses me about Dereck. The guys that beat him had to really beat him! I can’t wait for this fight - I’m super excited!”

Scott, who says he compiled an amateur record of “76-3 or 76-4,” was inactive from December of 2008 until his return in February of last year. He says injuries played a large part in his layoff. 

“I had bicep surgery, and I ruptured my knee during that time; plus I was having issues with my managers and my promoters. These are the trials and tribulations boxers sometimes have to come through. But I did it with a smile on my face, most of the time, and now I’m back bigger and better than ever. I’m looking forward to putting on a great fight for the UK fans and I’m sure Dereck and myself will be a great, great night. I definitely want a title shot after this fight. Dereck is the division’s gatekeeper and I believe I’m in this situation for a reason. The Wilder fight fell through and I believe it was ordained that I got in the position I’m in now. I’m Malik Scott: pugilist master, the best kept secret in the heavyweight division, the best-skilled heavyweight on the planet!”

Calling oneself the best-skilled heavyweight out there is some claim, yet Scott says he will back up his words.

“I’m definitely the most-skilled heavyweight on the planet, and I’m so excited about showing the people this - even though my fans already know. All the other guys [at heavyweight], they do one or two things great, but I do everything really well and that spells greatness. It’s hard to say whether I’m at my peak right now, because the guys who, as they say, rule my division, most of them are nearly 40, and I’m just 32. But I’m on my road and my time is now.”

Dereck Chisora: Scott is like a Rolls Royce

For more on the Wembley July 20 bill, get this week's Boxing News - available on Wednesday

I'm the most skilled heavyweight on the planet
Author : James Slater


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