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Can Adrien Broner still fulfill his potential?

Sam Curtis examines Adrien Broner's recent fortunes and wonders if they can be revived

His attitude towards his own success is something that must change

What has gone wrong for Adrien Broner?

IF you asked someone a year ago, where they thought Adrien Broner would be now, you probably would have been told that he would be a multi-weight champion. They would have been half right; he did make the leap from lightweight to welterweight and dethrone Paulie Malignaggi to become the WBA title-holder.

However, just six months later, “The Problem" was solved and Broner was handed his first loss at the hands of fiery Argentine Marcos Maidana. This arguably proved the jump in weight was too far and too soon, and served the Cincinnati fighter with (in a lot of people’s opinion) some much needed humble pie. Broner left the ring before he could be interviewed, which was rare for a fighter that normally has so much to say. His brash behaviour and perceived arrogance has put him in the role of the pantomime villain, and it’s that perception that has made some fans happy to see him come unstuck.

Should he fight Marcos Maidana again?

REPORTS indicate that the American will push for the rematch clause to be put in to play. Whether getting back in the ring with his first conqueror is a good idea or not remains to be seen, but fans will certainly be happy that the fight could happen again, as their first bout was a thriller. It will also serve up a real 50-50 fight should it be confirmed, which is refreshing in an era where we have so many mismatches involving protected fighters.

However, if Broner loses convincingly again - which is a real possibility - his reputation will be almost irrepairable.

What other options does Broner have?

IN the event that the rematch doesn't happen, there are plenty of other options at welterweight for Broner. With fighters such as Devon Alexander, Keith Thurman and even the new IBF champion Shawn Porter around him in the rankings, he is not short of quality opposition. Let's not forget old rival Paul Malignaggi, either.

Whoever he faces it will be interesting to monitor his confidence in the build-up and beyond, and what effect - if any - his first defeat has had.

Can he still fulfill his potential?

ALONG with the air of invincibility being shattered by that Maidana loss, many will now be questioning the reach of his potential. After dismantling WBC lightweight champion Antonio De Marco in November 2012, it looked as if the sky was the limit. He had battered the WBC titlist over eight rounds and put him on the canvas for the first time in the Mexican’s career. It was an unnerving display, considering that it was the Americans debut at lightweight, and it seemed as if he would be able to go up through the weights without a struggle. But all that was turned on its head following the defeat to Maindana.

However, if Broner can stay grounded he can still go far. His skill and technique can’t be questioned but his attitude towards his own success is something that must change, as well as his body being given time to properly adjust to fighting at 147lbs.

Author : BN Staff


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