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Wayne McCullough: Manny Pacquiao can come back from Juan Manuel Marquez defeat

But the Filipino star needs to make some slight changes first

Pacquiao will be gun shy, anxious and wary about getting hit on the chin but until it happens he won't know

THE talk of Manny Pacquiao making his comeback soon has been mentioned in the last week or so by his promoter Bob Arum. Neither a location nor date has been confirmed yet but October and Macao are being talked about and a possible opponent is Mike Alvarado, who just beat Brandon Rios. 

Freddie Roach and Pacquiao have both stated that they want Juan Manuel Marquez next but claimed he wanted a lot of money which they said was outrageous so it may not happen.

I personally think Marquez deserves the big money now as he finally got justice over Pacquiao by knocking him out cold. Their first three fights were surrounded by controversy. An amazing draw in their first meeting after Marquez was down three times in the first round but almost pulled out the win in the end. In the next two fights Marquez deserved to have his arm raised but he didn't. Pacquiao won both. So Marquez should hold out for big money.

If Pacquiao does choose to fight Alvarado, who avenged his only loss by beating Rios, it could be a good choice since he is not a big puncher. He should come back with a win unless his last knockout loss has taken something from him. 

Can Pacquiao come back from the big right hand by Marquez that knocked him unconscious? I think he can but he has to change a few little things. Yes Marquez looked bigger and stronger since their first three meetings but Pacquiao looked like he thought he could walk through him.

Both guys did hit the canvas before the knockout but it was Pacquiao who went down first, from a right to the head in the third. Marquez had a flash knockdown in the fifth when his gloves touched the canvas from a left by Pacquiao. But it was the right to the head of Pacquiao as he stepped forward that put him flat on the canvas and motionless for minutes. Manny's hands were low each time he got dropped so he definitely needs to work on that.

I've personally never experienced a knockout but have been told by former champions that your chin gets weaker and in a case like a big knockout it could feel like 10 knockouts all at once.

It's going to be hard coming back from this big loss. Pacquiao had lost before and had come back but his losses were never as bad as this last one. 

He was knocked out by a body shot against Medgoen Singsurat in 1999 and by a left to the head in 1996 against Rustico Torrecampo. Those losses were at flyweight and he had come in overweight both times. 

The critics have said Pacquiao is done. Can he come back? Will he be wary or gun shy? Maybe he should retire. All valid points. He will be gun shy, anxious and wary about getting hit on the chin but until it happens he won't know.

But he shouldn't be written off just yet, after all he was considered to be pound for pound one of the top fighters in the world. Some fighters don't come back but others do and a lot of the time they are not the same. 

Pacquiao will question himself every day until he steps back into the real thing and gets hit unless he prepares the right way. I used to test myself if I was out of the ring for a while. I let my sparring partners wear real fight gloves which are only 8oz and unload on me. I wore 14 oz gloves but no headgear. So it was like reality for me and it got me ready to step in with the likes of Naseem Hamed and Erik Morales, two massive punchers. If I trained Pacquiao that's what I would have him do about six weeks out from the fight, just in case he got cut, then he'd have time to heal.

Pacquiao has been through quite a few wars. These all take a toll on your body but he did come back from them all so maybe he will prove everyone wrong and it would be nice if he did it right away against Marquez. I think this would be the right fight for Pacquiao - win or lose. If he fought someone else the comeback fight could be his retirement fight if he loses or gets knocked out again. 

On the other hand if a Floyd Mayweather fight can be made - if Mayweather defeats Robert Guerrero in their upcoming fight - then that would be a great comeback fight but maybe I'm just fantasizing about that one. 

It's all up to Pacquiao and only time will tell what, if any, fight we see him in next.

Check out our pound-for-pound ratings to see where Manny Pacquiao ranks in the top 10.

Author : BN Staff Wayne McCullough


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