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Mickey Vann: Ricky Burns broke Jose Gonzalez's heart

The official looks back on some interesting talking points

JAMIE McDONNELL, world champion, great effort, great result. John Simpson versus Choi was another cracker, and that weekend also saw Burns retain his title after looking on the verge of losing it.

We had scoring controversy again: Dave Parris’ scoring in the McDonnell fight was brought into question, the scoring of Simpson-Choi was up for debate and Gonzalez’s damaged wrist excuse that caused him to quit at the start of the 10, despite being three rounds up. What I found strange about that was that if his wrist was so bad why did they spend so much time working on his legs? Is it because the thigh bone is connected to the hip bone, the hip bone is connected to the backbone, the backbone is connected to the arm bone, the arm bone is connected to the wrist bone, and that’s how it all works? I personally think his fitness was suspect or his heart had been broken.

Simpson-Choi the best fight on the card. Mind you, it was not a fight, it was a war and that is where a judge is the one to give a true reflection on the score. That is, if he is honest and concentrates, he is the only person outside the ropes to give a true reflection on the score. On the same bill I watched an undercard fight of six rounds that brought the concentration and ability of the scoring referee into question. Gary Bowen versus Dave Brophy. I concentrated hard on this fight as I have witnessed strange decisions in Scotland. Jim Evans (Gary’s manager) is one of boxing’s true nice guys. At the end of the fight I said to my wife, “Jim’s lad has got this.” I was pleased for him but low and behold, he got shafted. Yes, you got it in one, he lost.

I won’t go into the experiences I have had in Scotland as I wrote about some of them in my book, and I did think the bias of officials and the media had subsided to a degree; maybe it has. I spoke to Jim later he said that he has been going to Scotland for 18 years, and in all that time, he’s only had one winner. Jim must have some very poor fighters, or maybe there is another reason? Make your own mind up on that subject. Enough said, probably more than enough.

Now to my brother-in-law Dave Parris. I am afraid I didn’t see the McDonnell fight but, according to most observers, Dave got the winner right and that’s a good start. If there are two or three very close rounds and one judge sees it for red and the other two see it for blue you have a 118-108 score changed to 115-111. It doesn’t mean any of the judges are wrong, it’s just they have a different view of the winner of the close rounds.

On the minus side, I have spoken to a number of people who saw the fight and all say no way did Ceja only win two rounds, but if Dave only saw two rounds for him I won’t comment as I did not see the fight. That, however, does go before the general opinion of late from abroad - that if you want a fair decision, Britain is not the place.

GB used to be the safest of all places to go for an honest result as we were world champions at losing, we always reported how great our teams or individuals were in losing the fight, the race, the game or whatever the event. Well I would rather perform poorly and be a winner as long as the event was decided in an honest way, than be a great loser, there is nothing great about losing. 
There were 10 professional shows reported on in Boxing News (May 16) which to me means the game is very healthy. It also means the financial climate is rather unhealthy, so carry on, get the kids off the streets, let them knock lumps off each other legally, earn an honest pound or two to set them on the right road.            

I was told this week told by a British licence holder, that a fighter had paid his licence, his scan sent to the board, four weeks later he could have made his debut, but still no scan, no fight, no money, and only 11 months left on his licence. I do not wonder at the unrest and lack of confidence in the govening body of british boxing when I hear of so many instances akin to this situation.

Author : Mickey Vann


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