News | Jan 03 2018

EXCLUSIVE Kelvin Fawaz released

Kelvin Fawaz, the man without a country, has finally been released from a detention centre. But, as he tells John Dennen, he still faces the biggest fight of his life
Kelvin Fawaz

KELVIN FAWAZ has been released from a detention centre. Even though the amateur boxer, a national champion in 2012, has lived in Britain for 14 years, his immigration status remains unresolved. Denied the right to live and work in the UK, the Home Office could not deport him as no other country recognises him as a citizen. A man without a state, he was being held in a detention centre, seemingly indefinitely.

Fawaz was born in Nigeria, to foreign parents and so is not a Nigerian citizen. When he was just 14 years old in he was brought to the UK, through no choice of his own, where he cooked and cleaned, working essentially as a slave while he waited for a parent who never came. He ran away then but has remained in limbo ever since.

Undocumented, he has been therefore unable to work. Lucrative offers for him to turn professional were tabled but he could not take them up. At least he had his liberty, until, last year, undercover officers snatched him from Stonebridge amateur boxing club and incarcerated him as the Home Office attempted to deport him.


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