Opinion | Apr 17 2019

Jarrell Miller and an attempt at a ‘clean’ heavyweight top 10

Jarrell Miller's failed performance-enhancing drug test ahead of his June 1 fight against Anthony Joshua begs the question: Who is clean in the heavyweight division?
Jarrell Miller
Anthony Joshua & Jarrell Miller Press Conference  |  Action Images/Andrew Couldridge

ANOTHER day, another failed performance-enhancing drug test in the toxic heavyweight division.

The latest man to have allegedly tried gaining an unfair advantage is Brooklyn’s Jarrell Miller, someone who last month accused his next opponent, Anthony Joshua, of being the “Lance Armstrong of boxing”, and poured scorn on the legacies of both Klitschko brothers [Wladimir and Vitali] in the same breath. Miller has, according to a VADA test result, been messing around with endurabol, a steroid, and evidently wasn’t smart enough to get away with it.

Alas, in a bizarre twist of fate, Miller, the Floyd Landis [or any other Armstrong-competing cyclist] of the piece, has seemingly scuppered a reported $6 million windfall by falling foul of the very thing he accused Joshua of doing. For ‘Big Baby’, it’s probably for the best if his dummy goes back in.