Opinion | Aug 28 2018

Is Mikey Garcia really daring to be great?

Jack Hirsch lists the 10 fights that would prove Mikey Garcia and the world's best fighters really were daring to be great
Mikey Garcia
Mikey Garcia vs Robert Easter Jr  |  Scott Hirmano/SHOWTIME

AFTER Mikey Garcia defeated Robert Easter to win a portion of the lightweight title, he wasted no time in calling out welterweight belt holder and pound for pound claimant Errol Spence. Then to entice Spence, give him no excuses for turning down the challenge, Garcia said he would not have to meet him at a catchweight, the lightweight champion would move up two divisions to make the fight happen.

Garcia says he made the offer because he wants to dare to be great. I say rubbish. Garcia knows that a Spence fight is a no-lose situation unless he pulls a Guillermo Rigondeaux and retires timidly on his stool.

Garcia’s challenge is eerily similar to the one Amir Khan threw out at Canelo Alvarez. At the time Khan was universally lauded for taking a phenomenal risk against a much bigger and powerful man, but the truth of the matter is that it was not that big of a risk at all. Khan you see was given the equivalent of a free pass. Win and he would be hailed for doing the near impossible. Lose as nearly everyone expected him to and Khan’s marketability would remain by virtue of the fact that he was stepping into the ring with Canelo. More importantly, it allowed Amir to avoid the challenge of Kell Brook where there was the potential of suffering a humiliating defeat in front of his countrymen.


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