Opinion | Apr 24 2017

In Clarke’s Shoes: How Gabriel Rosado infuriated Martin Murray

Andy Clarke went behind the scenes as Gabriel Rosado fought Martin Murray in Liverpool
Gabriel Rosado
Martin Murray in action with Gabriel Rosado  |  Action Images/John Clifton

IT didn’t turn out to be the war that we all expected between Martin Murray and Gabriel Rosado but it was a good night at the Echo Arena nonetheless.

Rosado had been in the UK for a good while and I tried to catch up with him at the Peacock gym the week before but, having spent a fruitless afternoon waiting for him in Canning Town, it wasn’t until the open workout in fight week that I got my first sight of the Philadelphian.

You don’t learn anything about what’s going to happen on fight night at open workouts but you do see and hear interesting little things. Rosado wanted to know who’d chosen the picture of him that Matchroom used for the fight poster, one that showed him with a swollen, busted up eye. He didn’t like it. He was also keen to be on last, despite being the first to arrive. Little things mattered to the American.