Feature | Jun 01 2015

‘I’m pretty embarrassed that I beat Mike Tyson’

Danny Williams explains how he beat a man whom he thought was invincible, Mike Tyson
Danny Williams of Great Britain fights Mike Tyson.

MIKE TYSON was old at the time and I’m pretty embarrassed that I beat such a great fighter. It’s crazy. I always say to people that if he’d have been the best Tyson, I wouldn’t have lasted a round. Like everyone else I thought he was invincible back then. I remember there was a time when we didn’t even see him have a nosebleed. It was amazing. I thought he was made out of metal. But it started to go wrong for him: the money; the wrong people around him; too many girls; too much partying. There’s so many different factors. If he’d have gone on properly, with his old people around him, he could have beaten Rocky Marciano’s [49-0] unbeaten record and gone down in history as the greatest, but with all the people around him, it went wrong.

I’m not being disrespectful but Mike Tyson is not the most handsome-looking man, and with all that money, women he would only [previously] dream of having coming to him came to him. What was he going to do?

One hundred per cent I believed I’d win. I had a dream a few weeks before the fight was announced that I knocked him out. He went crashing over into the ropes in my dream, just like he did in the fight. So when the fight was announced I thought, ‘This is it.’