Fitness | Training | Aug 14 2017

How to find a boxing gym

Olympian Antony Fowler on the next part of your training - how to find the right boxing gym
boxing gym
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IN the last blog we covered the benefits of boxing including health and fitness, social benefits and skill acquisition. Keeping up momentum and building on the previous blog I want to cover today how to find a boxing gym.

I’m going to focus specifically on the amateur route as I think it’s the most practical way to get experience in boxing with the right structure around you for success. It is possible to take a white collar/unlicensed route however the structure is not as clear so I wouldn’t feel comfortable recommending that.

Finding a gym that can help you develop is one of the first big hurdles of getting into boxing. Firstly, if you are in the UK, you should join a club which is affiliated to the official boxing body of your country in England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland. At the end of this blog you can find the links to their websites.