December 12, 2013
December 12, 2013

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Trained Gavin Rees against Broner (l rsf 5)

HE’S such a good fighter that if you try to track him too much you’re going to get cracked with counters. I think the best way to beat him is to keep the speed, keep things at arm’s length and keep your feet moving. Throw nice, fast combinations and keep your feet moving. Don’t stand in front of him because if you do stand in front of Adrien Broner then sooner or later you’re going to get cracked with a hard shot.

He is very similar to Floyd Mayweather. He’s not as good as Mayweather obviously, but I think he’s very similar in the way that he uses your own attacks against you and the more attacking you are€¦

it’s detrimental for you against a fighter like him. I think an elite-class boxer – a good fast boxer with good handspeed and good footwork – beats him.

If I had my time again, I think I’d get Gavin moving a little bit more. I think you’ve just got to be fast and move your feet. Use combinations and move your feet, not stand there in front of him.

Maidana probably needs to hit him on the chin! Maidana’s a bigger guy as well, so it makes for an interesting fight, but I think Maidana might play right into Broner’s hands, he’s going to be right in front of him. I think Broner’s going to take them big shots on the gloves and hit him with the counters. The right tactics are fast, speedy boxing, moving your feet and not standing in front of him.


Trained Paulie Malignaggi against Broner (l SD 12)

We watched Adrien Broner and realised he likes to stand flat-footed a lot, he doesn’t use his range and he likes to fight – and is most effective – going forward. You have to stay busy, put pressure on and make him fight defensively. Having a good jab is important, putting combinations together and not being predictable. Mix it up to head and body so he doesn’t know where the shots are coming from, and use a lot of feints for the same reason.

I was pleased with Paulie’s performance. I thought he outboxed Broner although Adrien is a heavy-handed kid and had his moments here and there.

But Broner needs momentum. You want to negate that by being busy and trying to take his rhythm away – every time he gets set to punch, you move or feint or touch him, and that forces him to re-set. Maidana is more of a pressure-fighter, a puncher, than Paulie. He needs to pressure a lot, punch Broner’s arms, head and body, and make him fight going backwards. Maidana has proven he’s pretty strong but whether he’s strong enough to control Broner is another question. It’s up to Maidana to take Broner out of his comfort zone.


Marcos Maidana

DEMARCUS CORLEY Fought Maidana in 2010 (l UD 12)

I HAD a lot of success against Maidana by getting inside – as Broner likes to do – and you don’t want to be pulling back against him. It was very effective and I broke him down. I’m small but I throw very sharp, crispy punches with power, and I’m strong; he couldn’t move me. I was able to use power, but also speed and a lot of movement – Broner has that with his body-shifting. My speed was very successful against Maidana, he couldn’t time me.

But Maidana was a much slower fighter then. His new trainer, Robert Garcia, has changed that and and he’s a better fighter now. He can box a little now, he moves his head, there’s lateral movement and he’s countering and riding shots. I couldn’t fight him the same way again.

Broner can’t outpunch him, he’s too small. He needs to box him, use his speed, turn Maidana, but don’t stand in there with him because he can’t hurt him. But Broner is stuck on ‘Stupid’ and he’ll try to stand in the pocket like Floyd Mayweather and pick Maidana apart. It’s not going to work so then he’ll start boxing instead and winning rounds because his handspeed, his lateral movement can frustrate Maidana.


Trained Amir Khan for Maidana in 2010 (w UD 12)

Maidana’s a dangerous puncher, obviously, you have to respect that. I actually think he’s on the downside a little bit and I think Broner will be able to outbox him – but he does have to be careful as Maidana does have that one-punch power.

Maidana and [fellow Argentine banger, Lucas] Matthysse, both guys have basic boxing skills, they rely on the heavy

punch only. That’s why I think he will get outboxed in this fight. Knockouts come and go but you can’t go out there looking for it. If you look for it it will never come.

Amir Khan fought a good fight against Maidana until he got hurt [late in the fight]. If Amir had stayed in the gameplan

and not stayed in the pocket so long it would have been easier.

It’s important Broner doesn’t stay in the pocket as he gives Maidana a chance to win the fight because he does

have knockout power and if he [Broner] plays on the ropes, drops his hands and tries to be like Floyd he’s going to be hittable. I have seen him get hurt really bad in the [USA] training centre and he can be hurt. I’ve seen it with

my own eyes.

  • Interviews by Danny Flexen, Tris Dixon and Blair Newman