Feature | Jan 02 2018

How do you solve a problem like Ohara Davies?

The controversial Ohara Davies is one of the great polarising figures of British boxing. But has he gone too far? Elliot Worsell investigates
Ohara Davies
Ohara Davies during the press conference  |  Action Images

I’LL concede defeat now: Ohara Davies has won. By virtue of the fact his name appears in the headline of this article, Ohara Davies has won. He has won because it is attention he craves and attention he shall receive. He has won because instead of writing about a more deserving boxer, I am keeping it topical and focusing this piece on the latest Ohara Davies comment to infuriate boxing fans, especially those based in Liverpool. He has won for that reason, too. (Antagonising Scousers, it seems, is the ultimate win for Ohara Davies.)

He has won most of all, though, because boxers like Ohara Davies always get talked about, always make good money, and always come out on top. At least that’s the way it works in the land of OD.

Nice guys finish last.