Fitness | Training | Oct 28 2015

How Brandon Rios will beat Tim Bradley

Rios speaks from training camp ahead of his November 7 fight with Bradley
Brandon Rios
Rios_BD7F1744  |  Chris Farina/Top Rank

BRANDON RIOS has been preparing for his November 7 clash with Tim Bradley at Robert Garcia’s training base in California. Rios said, “We are ready for the best Tim Bradley, the one who beat Juan Manuel Marquez. I have been in camp in Riverside, California for three months. This is the Camp Zone. We brought in three kinds of sparring partners — a boxer, a brawler and a boxer-brawler. I want to get back on top in boxing.  Bradley is in my way.  Bradley is going to be my ticket back to the top.”

His trainer Garcia added, “The way to beat Tim Bradley is to put on pressure in the fight and try to knock him out. We plan to cut off the ring and turn this into a real fight. We are not concerned with his change in a chief trainer because Bradley always comes in top condition and is ready to fight. Joel Diaz did a good job with Bradley.”


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