Feature | Premium | May 24 2019

How boxing coped with the terror threat

Five days after the 2017 bomb went off outside the Manchester Arena, Kell Brook and Errol Spence fought in a huge stadium fight in Sheffield
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WHEN attending a big event or watching it on TV, I always feel a slight sense of unease as my mind cannot come to terms with the fact that thousands of people are going to gather together, drink alcohol, in some cases, and will have to be kept in check by a smaller number of people.

Ring or pitch invasions, however benevolent, hammer home the point that spectators could erupt en masse, piling past the police and the other people charged with keeping the peace. It is an uneasy equilibrium.

In the modern world, we also have to contend with the lingering threat of terror. Not just from bomb-makers, either, as modern day terrorists can and have used cars, knives and other items to spread fear and do damage. It renders difficult security issues almost impossible, to the point where you just have to do what you can on your watch and hope that the measures put in place are enough.


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