Fitness | Training | Apr 21 2016

How boxers can use weight training for weight loss

Get lean lifting - weight training for boxers by Moritz Klatten
weight training

CUTTING weight is one of the most essential, but also controversial, aspects of preparing for a fight. If done correctly, weight loss gives fighters a definite edge by enabling them to compete at lighter weight classes against relatively weaker fighters. If it is done incorrectly, fighters can lose a significant degree of power and may be more susceptible to illness.

To be at their best, boxers must adopt a long-term approach to fat loss when preparing for a fight. Losing weight too quickly results in a loss of muscle mass, and less muscle means a fighter will not be able to punch as hard or withstand damaging punches. Let’s look at some facts.

Researchers looked at the results of 493 studies on aerobic exercise published between 1969 and 1994. The researchers concluded that 15 weeks of this type of training would result in an average weight loss of only 7.3 pounds (3.3 kilos).


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