Feature | Jan 28 2019

George Groves versus The Mayweather Team

Elliot Worsell recalls the time in 2013 when George Groves took on the Mayweather gym
George Groves
george-groves  |  Action Images/Peter Cziborra

Las Vegas, January 2013

On a slow Saturday morning in a parking lot without cars, only a solitary swivel chair could loosely be classed as a wheeled vehicle.

The chair was isolated in the middle of the lot, seemingly abandoned along Schiff Drive by a disgruntled member of staff working for any one of the modest businesses situated in the area west of the Las Vegas strip, and, for the purpose of entertainment, and motivated in large part by boredom, Paddy Fitzpatrick sauntered over and claimed it. Once there, he sat down, clicked it into first gear and then scooted it back towards where George Groves was standing, just inches from the doorstep of the Mayweather Boxing Club, its name spelled out above it in bright red, white and blue lettering. Groves smiled. He was entertained by the trainer’s antics, for it helped ebb away some of the time.


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