Gennady Golovkin is looking for a new trainer

Gennady Golovkin
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After Gennady Golovkin makes his surprise announcement, John Dennen wonders who the best man for the job would be

GENNADY GOLOVKIN is looking for a new trainer. In a surprise announcement he revealed that he would part ways with Abel Sanchez, who has been a regular fixture in the Kazakh’s corner in all his major fights.

In a statement Golovkin said, “I would like to announce that I have made a major decision for myself and for my career. I want to build on what I have already achieved and continue to better myself. Therefore, I will not be training with Abel Sanchez. This was not an easy decision for me and it is not a reflection on Abel’s professional abilities. He is a great trainer, a loyal trainer, and a Hall of Fame trainer.

“I will be announcing my new trainer at a later date. But today, I want to thank Abel for the lessons he taught me in boxing.”

It comes as a shock given that, as disappointing for Golovkin as his recent results against Canelo Alvarez were, his performances in the ring were still creditable. Under Sanchez’s guidance Golovkin had rocketed through the rankings on his way to winning his middleweight worlds titles and Sanchez is viewed as the architect of Gennady’s aggressive ‘Mexican style,’ that won him so many fans along the way.

Gennady Golovkin

But having just turned 37 Golovkin is at a pivotal stage of his career. He has signed a major and lucrative deal with DAZN, which Sanchez will not get a share of, as well as launching his own company GGG promotions. He won’t have too many more fights left ahead of him and will have to handle them with a new, unfamiliar trainer.

It prompts the question as to who will be the best man for the job. Golovkin will surely want to base himself in America, where he will be boxing. Robert Garcia is a well established trainer but perhaps Freddie Roach, who’s no stranger to working with superstars, would be the perfect man for the job. He specialises in the aggressive style Golovkin favours and worked smoothly with Miguel Cotto joining the Puerto Rican legend at a late stage in his career.

Golovkin doesn’t have too much time to find his new coach. His next fight will be on June 8 against little known Steve Rolls but he will still need a safe pair of hands in the corner. At this point, Golovkin cannot afford to lose.

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