Fitness | Training | Oct 28 2015

Gary Russell Jnr wants Leo Santa Cruz after Oscar Escandon

In his own words Russell Jnr provides a training camp update
Gary Russell Jr
Gary-Russell  |  Stephanie Trapp/Showtime

TRAINING camp is going great, we’re right on course. There was a minor hiccup in the camp because I was supposed to fight on October 24. I started sparring, but once the fight got pushed back to November 14 I cut the sparring off. I didn’t want to peak too early.

Today [Tuesday] was my first day back sparring again. I’m working on my timing, ring generalship and lateral movement. We’re right on course.

Oscar Escandon is strong and durable. He comes straight forward. If his corner was smart they would try to take away my hand speed which will be a big factor in the fight. He’ll need to close the distance, smother my punches so speed isn’t a factor. We are working on becoming just as comfortable fighting on the outside as I am fighting on the inside.


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