Fitness | Training | Mar 22 2016

Functional strength training for boxers

Strength and conditioning coach Moritz Klatten provides an essential insight into strength training for boxers
bench press for boxing

THERE was a time when boxers could be conditioned adequately by practicing the sport, along with hitting punching bags and working cardio with jump ropes. Today the sport demands much more sophisticated training methods because there are so many top-quality fighters.

When it comes to strength training for fighters, its purpose should be to increase functional strength, not necessarily muscle mass. Even so, many boxers fail to achieve the results they expect from a weight training program by performing too many repetitions for each exercise.

Focusing on higher reps in weight training creates excessive muscle bulk with minimal increases in strength, such as the way a bodybuilder trains. The effect is that boxers using these training methods are forced into a heavier weight division without the punching power to justify such a change.