Fitness | Technique | Mar 10 2016

Frank Buglioni – the art of shadow boxing

In his third training blog Frank Buglioni explains how to use shadow boxing in your workout
Buglioni shadow boxing
Frank-Buglioni  |  Action Images

SHADOW BOXING is a crucial exercise in the sweet science. When utilised correctly it can progress learning, be a defining factor in understanding and executing tactics, determining shot selection, perfecting head movement as well as improving ring craft and footwork.

The great thing about shadow boxing is that it does not matter what level you are as a fighter. Used by beginners through to world champions. Shadow boxing when done correctly is a workout in itself, much like any form of exercise the duration and intensity can be changed to suit the purpose and desired result. For example, it can be put to good effect as a warm up, keep it low intensity to warm the muscles and mobilise the joints, try 2, 3 minute rounds as a warm up and the same as a cool down.

You can also do speed shadow or high intensity 1 or 2 minutes at high pace with a minute rest, so that you maintain form, this should only be done after a good warm up.