Fitness | Gear | Dec 19 2015

Product Review: Fly Gloves are among the best on the market

These gloves are an elite product worthy of the most gifted hands

HERE at Boxing News, many competition gloves are sent to us to review. Some good, some bad, many indifferent. But those we received from Fly – website here – are without doubt among the absolute elite.

The 10oz Fly Halycon gloves are not cheap at £320 but are worth every penny if you are taking the sport seriously. Like a suit from Savile Row, these are the height of luxury. For a start, they are handmade and the quality is clear before they have even graced the hands. The leather hide, sourced from the tanneries of Italy, is of the highest quality, with a divine smell and feel, and once in place, they come alive. They remain tight to the hand in flight, and upon impact, pressure is spread throughout the glove for complete protection.

They are solidly padded around the knuckle with high-density foam, with lining and double-stitching which adorns the interior guaranteed to provide optimum performance, power and comfort.


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