Opinion | Feb 13 2018

Floyd Mayweather is just begging for attention these days

Tony Jeffries, an Olympic bronze medallist who has trained UFC fighters, gives his verdict on Floyd Mayweather dabbling in MMA
Mickey Bey on Floyd Mayweather
Undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. of the U.S. poses with the WBC "Money Belt" during post-fight news conference at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas  |  Action Images/REUTERS/Steve Marcus

FLOYD MAYWEATHER is just begging for attention these days.

I respect him as a businessman and of course a fighter; what he’s done in boxing is nothing short of amazing and if you don’t think this, you’re either jealous or a bit punch drunk!

To earn all that money in boxing is absolutely unbelievable, but lately he’s making me cringe with his video of him walking into the cage and then his recent photoshopped image of him elbowing the bloody face of Conor McGregor.


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