Feature | May 28 2018

Fighting Roy Jones

Richie Woodhall tells John Dennen what made Roy Jones great and reveals what special fighters have in common
Roy Jones

RICHIE WOODHALL lost to all-time great Roy Jones as he won a bronze medal at the 1988 Olympic Games. The two were reunited at a recent event.

“We had a good chat. It’s a bit strange because he doesn’t seem to have changed much. But it was nice to speak to him. He remembers the bout I had with him, which was nice and he said I gave him his hardest fight at the Olympics, which was great to hear because obviously he lost [the decision] in the final. He said, ‘I won the final quite easily. But against you I really found it difficult. You were very, very awkward and I couldn’t get to you,’” Richie told Boxing News.

“I haven’t watched the bout for about 25 years. I can’t remember it a lot now,” he recalled. “He was an unknown American at the time, he had a really good tournament. I remember my coach Kevin Hickey saying this kid’s very, very fast. Typical American style, relaxed and loose, very fast hands. You’re going to have to use your feet in and out with him. You can’t afford to fall short because he’s a very good counter-puncher. So we knew what we were up against. But you just don’t realise until you actually get in there just how fast he is. So he was very, very quick indeed.”