News | Nov 23 2017

EXCLUSIVE ‘The time has come for Sergey Kovalev to admit he’s got a problem’

'People deserve to know the truth about our partnership going wrong' says Sergey Kovalev's former trainer, John David Jackson
sergey kovalev
Stacey Verbeek

IT’S no secret about my split with Sergey Kovalev.

Everyone is aware of the news now and there’s been some stuff wrote about why we parted, but the truth is that I just don’t think that he’s a nice person. He’s a very cold man and I was willing to help him out as a favour to Don Turner but eventually it went the same way for me as it did with Turner and it did with Abel Sanchez. The time has got to come when Sergey looks at himself and perhaps admit that he’s the problem.

Sergey Kovalev
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