Feature | Jan 15 2015

EXCLUSIVE Anthony Crolla: ‘It wasn’t a brave thing. You look out for your neighbours’

John Dennen hears Anthony Crolla describe how his dream turned into a nightmare
Anthony Crolla

ON January 23 Anthony Crolla should have realised a dream, fighting for a world title in the Manchester Arena in his hometown, against WBA lightweight champion Richar Abril. But in December, he heard a disturbance in his neighbour’s house. Crolla confronted the burglars and was struck over the head with a concrete block. He not only fractured his skull but broke his ankle as he fell. It ruled him out of his world title fight and left many wondering if he’d ever fight again.

What’s the rehab you’re doing at the moment?

I’m starting physio. I’ll be able to do a little bit of pool work. Maybe running in the pool, getting the movement back, obviously swimming. Low impact on the foot, I’ll do a bit of cycling in the next week as well. That should all work out well. That’ll help ease the chance of recovery.


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