News | Feb 23 2015

England Boxing Youth championship results

Future stars crowned in Ferryhill
boxing ring

THE country’s future stars were crowned at the final stages of the England Boxing Youth championships were from February 20-22 at the Ferryhill Community hub in County Durham.

 Female: Finals: 48: Molly Perkins (2nd City) beat Adrianne Finch (Boston) split. 51: Ebonie Jones (HoP) outpd Billie Jean Franks (Larches & Savick) unan. 57: India Wilkinson (St Paul’s) outpd Shelby Brazell (Elite) split. 60: Elli Scotney (Lynn) outpd Bria Fielding (Larches and Savick) unan.

Semi-Finals: 48: Molly Perkins (2nd City) outpd Chloe Litwin (Turners BA) unan, Adrianna Finch (Boston) outpd Chloe Goringe (Berinsfield) unan. 51: Ebonie Jones (Heart of Portsmouth) outpd Jade Ashmore (Chesterfield) unan, Billie Jean Franks (Larches & Savick) beat Serena Wybrow (Hornchurch EP) w/o. 57: Shelby Brazell (Hartlepool Elite) outpd Tysie Gallagher (Academy Luton) 2:1. 60: Bria Fielding (Larches & Savick) outpd Shona Whitwell (St Ives) split, Ellie Scotney (Lynn) outpd Chloe Hessin (Braunstone GG) unan.

Male: Finals: 49: Kieran MacDonald (Sunderland) outpd Nial Farrell (2nd City) split. 52: Brandon Daord (Everton Red Triangle) outpd Akash Taquir (Merridale) split. 56: Bradley Strand (Kirkby) outpd Jacob Croot (Downend) split. 60: Dalton Smith (Steel City) outpd Tony Vincent (Woking) unan. 64: Carl Fail (Far Cotton) outpd Ben Rees (Birtley) unan. 69 Mohammed Akbar (Bradford Police) stpd D Barratt (Hooks) 3rd. 75: Ben Whittaker (Wodensborough) outpd Zak Chelli  (Times) split. 81: Chris Luteke (Steel City) outpd William McCann (Kettering SOB) split. 91: Robert Squires (Barnstable) outpd Corey Clarke (Warley) unan. 91&: Daniel Dubois (Dale Youth) stpd Naylor Ball (Guildford) 3rd.

Semi-finals: 49: Nial Farrell (2nd City) outpd Nathan Brown (Hooks) split, Kieran Macdonald (Sunderland) outpd Connor Butler (Kirkby) unan. 52: Brandon Daord (Everton Red Triangle) stpd Luke Waites (HEP) 3rd, Akash Taquir (Merridale) outpd Morgan Murray (Hartlepool Catholic) unan. 56: Jacob Croot (Downend) outpd Jeffrey Neesham (High Fell) unan, Bradley Strand (Kirkby) outpd Jack Hillier (Southampton) unan. 60: Dalton Smith (Steel City) outpd Kane Corby (Earlsfield) unan, Tony Vincent (Woking) outpd Zak Miller (Ashton Albion) split. 64: Ben Rees (Birtley) outpd Bradley Rea (St John’s) unan, Carl Fail (Far Cotton) outpd Taylor Ayling (Earlsfield) unan. 69: Mohammed Akbar (Bradford Police) outpd Ben Fail (Far Cotton) unan, D. Barrett (Hooks) outpd Riley Smith (Haddenham) unan. 75: Ben Whittaker (Wodensborough) outpd Shakiel Thompson (Manor) unan, Zak Chelli  (Times) outpd Lewis Richardson (Centurion) unan. 81: William McCann (Kettering SOB) bt Viddal Rilley (West Ham) w/o, Chris Luteke (Steel City) bt Ben Thornley (Bury) w/o. 91: Corey Clarke (Warley) outpd Andrew Grover (Spennymoor) unan, Robert Squires (Barnstable) outpd T. Ohia (Romford) split. 91&: Daniel Dubois (Dale Youth) stpd Christie Bamber (Preston and Fullwood) 1st, Naylor Ball (Guildford) bt Keeron Williams (Parsons Cross) w/o.

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