News | Apr 12 2016

Eddie Hearn: ‘Tyson Fury is an easy fight for Anthony Joshua’

The promoter wants Anthony Joshua to fight Tyson Fury before David Haye, writes John Dennen
Anthony Joshua
Anthony-Joshua  |  Action Images

TYSON FURY holds the WBO and WBA world heavyweight titles, Anthony Joshua has just won the IBF belt, they’re both British – surely they have to fight. Promoter Eddie Hearn says he wants to hold the massive unification clash before the end of 2016.

Hearn suggested, “I think Tyson Fury’s an easy fight for Joshua. I see no problems in that fight at all. I think he knocks him out convincingly. I think he does exactly the same to him as what he did to [Charles] Martin. He’s too slow. People say [Wladimir] Klitschko couldn’t get him out, Klitschko never had the no fear policy and the speed and the power.”

The magnitude of that showdown is not lost on the promoter. “Now you’ve got two Brits in a unification match. It’s never happened before and it will never happen again. Fury will take the fight. He doesn’t mess around. They’re going to see a million and a half, two million pay per view buys and say right! I haven’t spoken to AJ about it but in my head it’s a unification match, 50-50 split, I think the Furies would be on board with that, he’d deserve it because of who he’s beaten and the belts he’s got. Financially it’s huge. I don’t think Tyson Fury or Peter Fury will have problem stepping in the ring,” Hearn said. “They don’t mess around.”