News | Jun 29 2017

Eddie Hearn feud with Deontay Wilder promoter rages on

Eddie Hearn describes his efforts to match Deontay Wilder with Dillian Whyte in an exclusive interview with John Dennen
Deontay Wilder
deontay-wilder  |  Ryan Hafey/PBC

PROMOTER Eddie Hearn still hopes to snare a world title shot for former Anthony Joshua opponent Dillian Whyte. He is in negotiations with WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder to match him with the Brixton heavyweight.

Whyte is likely to have a contest in America on August 19. “He’s going to box on the Crawford-Indongo card. Ticking over really, waiting for a big fight,” Hearn told Boxing News.

Hearn has a had furious argument with Wilder’s representative Lou DiBella, sniping at one another publicly on social media. “There’s been a lot of stuff with Dibella and stuff like that. Mad. Lou snaps at the silliest things. I think he gets a lot stick and he felt I was tarring him with that same brush. He just accused me of making Twitter offers when I hadn’t. I’d made three firm offers, and I just said you haven’t been involved with those and he went mad. Mad. He’s still going mad at me. I spoke to him last night, on email about something else. He’s still got the raving hump. He’s still going on about it. Maybe because I haven’t been stained by the game yet. I will be one day. I think it’s funny and I think it’s great for building fights and I’m tweeting him, thinking this is great, and he’s tweeting thinking I’m insulted with this person. For me it’s just way of building fights, getting people excited. It’s just another another dynamic,” Hearn said.


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