Feature | Sep 19 2018

Did Canelo Alvarez deserve the decision against Gennady Golovkin?

Was Canelo Alvarez the rightful winner over Gennady Golovkin? Our panel of experts tells Jack Figg
Gennady Golovkin
Boxing: Alvarez vs Golovkin 2  |  Joe Camporeale/USA Today Sports

Martin Murray (Golovkin opponent)

I thought Canelo won it and I agreed with the result. Despite the fact he’s failed tests and he’s a drugs cheat as everybody knows, and I wanted Golovkin to win, but I watched it with no commentary on, me and my 10 year old lad, and we both scored it differently, but had Canelo up a round. I had it 11-6-115 Canelo, my lad had it 114-113, but we both thought he won. I thought Canelo did what he needed to do which was hold the centre of the ring and push him back. I’ve always said that’s how you beat Golovkin and I didn’t think there was a middleweight strong enough to do it but Canelo showed that’s how you beat him. It was close and it was one of them where it wasn’t a robbery and everybody scores it differently. I know there was a lot of people that had it to Golovkin I wouldn’t have moaned at it or disagreed, and I would’ve been happy for him as I thought he deserved it the first time, but I went off my own scorecard and I gave it to Canelo by a round, I just thought he did enough.

Scored to: Canelo


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