January 16, 2016
January 16, 2016
Deontay Wilder v Artur Szpilka

Stephanie Trapp/Showtime

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Deontay Wilder: 228 ¾ Pounds

“When people say the heavyweight champion of the world, I want one person to be recognized. I wish my opponent and all future opponents good luck, cause they’re going to need it.

“We’re not looking past Artur Szpilka. Things happen due to adrenaline and excitement, but I’m very confident about what I’m going to do on Saturday night. He wants to be the first Polish heavyweight champion of the world. You know he’s coming to make history.

“This is going to be a hard fight, but a fun fight. Everyone who sees this fight, they’re going to get their money’s worth. It’s going to be a great show. I cannot wait. Waiting is the hardest part of boxing.”

Deontay Wilder

Artur Szpilka: 233 ¼ Pounds

“I’m not just here to get my paycheck. Everyone who knows me, knows I come to fight. I don’t just want to win; I want to win in spectacular fashion.

“I have a bunch of friends coming in from Chicago but the next 48 hours will be mostly relaxing. I have a couple small training sessions with Ronnie (Shields) but that’s it.

“I know you have to have a great respect for your opponent and I used to have respect for him. But after what he has said about me, I have a problem. You have to prove it in the ring. He has to do it in the ring, not outside the ring. He can say whatever he wants, but we will see it in the ring.

“I will fight hard and after the fight you will hear ‘The New Heavyweight Champion of the World.’ “

Artur Szpilka


Charles Martin: 249 ½ Pounds

“I train for every fight like a title fight. Mentally there was nothing to gear up for. I’m strong mentally. I’ve been running up in the mountains and doing a lot of rounds.

“We’re in great shape after being in one camp for eight weeks and then taking a week off before we got back to it. It was a great training camp.

“I’m happy and excited. I’m looking forward to this fight on Saturday and taking what’s mine.

“I’m so sick of talking about what Glazkov does well, I just want to see if he can do it well against me.”

Charles Martin

Vyacheslav Glazkov: 218 Pounds

“I feel good. I’ve trained very hard. I’m very ready for this fight. Everything is in place for me to become world champion.

“Charles is a big guy. He’s a lefty but he hasn’t fought good opponents. He’s a big strong guy, but it’s the heavyweight division. Everyone is strong. This will be a good fight.

“All of my past fights have helped me get ready for this one. I want all of the belts. This is the first step towards my dream.”

Vyacheslav Glazkov