Feature | Dec 25 2014

Delving inside the tortured and erratic soul of Edwin Valero

Kieran Mulvaney tells the terrifying tale of Edwin Valero who killed himself in 2010 after being arrested for the murder of his wife

BEFORE he was a murderer, Edwin Valero was a boxer.

And before he was a boxer, he was a boy, born in Venezuela on December 3, 1981 into a life of poverty and hard knocks that led to street fights and trouble with the police from a tender age. It was this shaky foundation that guided him to the prizefighting ring and from which that ring provided escape; it is likely in this harsh, angry soil that the seeds were sown that would ultimately erupt with shockingly violent finality.

Those early years, he would tell confidantes when he first arrived in the United States, were times of theft and motorcycle gangs, of finding an outlet for a tightly-coiled rage, a rage that seemingly never left him, even when he channeled it into the challenges of boxing.