Feature | Jul 18 2018

DAZN Confused: Who are the boxers kicking off the Netflix of combat sports?

Matchroom Boxing USA and DAZN came out swinging yesterday and announced a host of new signings ahead of their first show in September, writes Elliot Worsell

IN boxing, as in life, the truth can always be found somewhere in the middle.

Remember this: it’s never as great as the promoter tells you it is, nor as bad as the fan, the detractor, wants everyone else to think it is. Instead, the truth – admittedly, the very thing many seek to avoid – is typically right between those two points of view.

This becomes more apparent whenever there’s a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, be it a fight, a television deal, a tournament, or anything we’re led to believe will change the game, or blaze some sort of trail, or make unprecedented and ungodly amounts of money for only a few. It’s then hyperbole is cranked to eleven. It’s then the backlash, naturally, races to keep up.