News | Mar 19 2018

Darren Till slams Floyd Mayweather UFC ambitions

Floyd Mayweather's suggestion that he will enter MMA leaves Darren Till raging, writes John Dennen
Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor  |  Esther Lin/Showtime

IS Floyd Mayweather really serious about competing in mixed martial arts? He has engaged in a crossover bout of sorts. He came out of retirement and tempted UFC star Conor McGregor into the boxing ring for a bout last year. After halting the Irish MMA fighter in 10 rounds Mayweather promptly returned to retirement.

However he has rarely strayed from the headlines. Mayweather teased a picture of himself wearing MMA gloves on social media and released a video of himself stepping in an octagon. He has told TMZ Sports that he will apply for an MMA licence. “Everything takes time. Eventually, we’re gonna apply for the license, and hopefully we can fight,” Mayweather said. “Even if it takes six to eight months – whatever it takes. We want to make sure that everything is done correctly, and everything is done the right way.”

Darren Till, the Liverpudlian UFC fighter, has lambasted Mayweather’s suggestion. He argues that Floyd couldn’t beat anyone in the UFC. “I see Floyd Mayweather and Gervonta Davis are wanting to come to MMA. Wake up. Floyd says he’s a seven out of 10 at wrestling. Is he kidding me?” Till declared. “Floyd is the best boxer I’ve seen in my whole life but don’t disrespect the sport I do – you’re disrespecting it by saying you’re a seven out of 10 in wrestling.


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