Feature | Jul 04 2014

“Compubox was never designed to score fights… but there’s no way that Timothy Bradley beat Manny Pacquiao.”

Paul Wheeler speaks to CompuBox owner Bob Cannobio to get the company’s history, and unearths some fascinating information about some of boxing’s biggest fights

“EVERYBODY wants stats because they tell a story in all sports.”

Bob Canobbio’s observation is simple and straightforward, yet it has nonetheless formed the basis of a system which has become a fundamental component in boxing telecasts in the USA and around the globe.

In essence, CompuBox is a computerised program designed to count the number of punches thrown and landed during a boxing match. Two operators sit ringside with laptops, each focusing on the actions of a designated fighter. When fighter A throws a punch, operator A enters this into the system. The same goes for fighter B and operator B.