Feature | Jan 08 2016

Charles Martin eyes Tyson Fury’s titles, after Vyacheslav Glazkov

In his own words, Martin looks forward to their IBF heavyweight title fight
Tyson Fury

[VYACHESLAV GLAZKOV] has never been in the ring with a fighter like me. I’m no [Steve] Cunningham. I’m no Tor Hamer. I’m none of these guys that he fought.

He’s definitely a step up on paper. His resume reads well. He’s a good fighter. He’s technical, keeping his hands up and stuff like that, has a pretty nice hook. But I got to give you the ups and the downs. He’s a little guy. I’m massive, strong, powerful, elusive. He’s definitely going to be in there for the hardest fight of his life that he’ll ever have.

I’m totally a different fighter than he’s ever seen. So come fight night, I’m ready to prove it to the whole wide world. I’m ready to be that superstar. We train like superstars. If you’re going to train mediocre, you’ll be mediocre, and that’s what I see out of a lot of fighters, heavyweights, especially. But we train to be a superstar and that’s what you guys are going to see.