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Boxing News at Five: The Dogboes could retire, Bruce Willis is Cus D’Amato, ‘Juggernaut’ wants a ‘Baby’

Isaac Dogboe
Mickey Williams/Top Rank
Isaac and Paul Dogboe threaten a swift exit, Bruce Willis will train a young Mike Tyson, and Joe Joyce eyes up a 300-pound 'Baby'

IF you go, I go.

That seems to be the message new WBO super-bantamweight champion Isaac Dogboe wishes to send his father and trainer, Paul, who recently expressed a desire to quit boxing and find his son a new man in the corner.

The Dogboes were a revelation 10 days ago, when Isaac stopped Jessie Magdaleno in 11 rounds to lift his current title, but now there seems a chance their partnership could soon come to an end. Even more bizarrely, Isaac, still only 23 years of age, is prepared to retire should this be the case.

The Ghanaian, 19-0 (13),  said: “My dad has always been my backbone. If my dad should retire then I believe that I have paid my dues to the nation of Ghana so I’m going to retire as a very young world champion.”

Don’t go, Dogboes. Twenty-three is much too young. In fact, it’s the age at which the great Salvador Sanchez’s promising career came to an abrupt end.

And he was killed in a car crash. (Shortly after beating Azumah Nelson, a great Ghanaian.)


On the subject of trainers, one of the very best and most iconic will be honoured in an upcoming film, titled Cornerman, and portrayed by the man who dies harder than most, Bruce Willis.

Cus D’Amato, legend of the Catskills and mentor to Mike Tyson, will be the focal point of a new biopic written and directed by Rupert Friend.

It will be set in the eighties at the time D’Amato, a reluctantly retired coach, ran a small gym and coached young contenders alongside trainers like Teddy Atlas. Under pressure from the backer of the gym, D’Amato needed to find a real contender to secure the place and his own legacy.

You’ll never guess what happens next.

Mike Tyson

On the face of it, Joe Joyce does pretty much everything wrong: he throws a lot of his punches the way they shouldn’t be thrown; he dresses as a Mexican stereotype – sombrero, poncho and all – simply because it’s Cinco de Mayo and he’s told to pay tribute, ignoring the fact he looks like a reluctant toy dog forced to play dress-up by an overbearing owner; with a microphone in front of his face, he cuts some of the most awkward promos in boxing history.

But he also does a hell of a lot right. He wins fights, and wins them well, for starters. He is also active, unusual in this day and age, and seemingly happy to eschew the tried and tested route of beating up hapless journeymen in favour of collecting titles.

It’s encouraging; it should be admired. Moreover, his sometimes robotic style, mocked by those who don’t know any better, took on a how-the-hell-do-you-stop-this? Terminator quality on Saturday night when he impressively reduced the size of the ring on poor Lenroy Thomas, the Commonwealth heavyweight champion, and then demolished him in just three rounds.

You’d assume this career-best win will lead to a Commonwealth title defence or two – a plateauing out, a slowing down. But the Londoner apparently has other ideas.

Today on social media he called out American loudmouth Jarrell ‘Big Baby’ Miller, a 21-0-1 (18) contender hotly-tipped to fight Anthony Joshua this summer. He even came up for a title they can use on the poster.

“Yo, ‘Big Baby’ Miller,” Joyce, 4-0 (4), wrote, “I know you’re being avoided; so am I. I’ll come to your backyard in Brooklyn. I am just a 4-0 novice! Big Juggernaut v Big Baby. Let’s dance.”

Joe Joyce doesn’t dance. But he can really fight. And, more importantly, he wants to fight. Any time, any place, against anyone.

How refreshing.

“I can see David Haye is teaching you well,” replied Miller, minutes later. “Trying to get big fights without actually earning them. You looking like a brown-skin Lurch from The Addams Family.

“Get 10 fights first. You’re no Vasyl Lomachenko. You’re another English muffin.”

That’s just mean. (Don’t listen to him, Juggernaut.)

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