Boxing News At Five | Apr 25 2019

Boxing News at Five: Sanchez calls Golovkin “greedy” and “ungrateful”, Allen hopes for Price in July

Abel Sanchez has criticised the "honour" and "integrity" of Gennady Golovkin following their split, and Dave Allen is confident he will fight David Price in July
gennady golovkin
Golovkin has an ambitious future Tom Hogan/K2

MOST splits in boxing tend to be acrimonious and most, unfortunately, tend to be instigated by greed on either the part of the boxer, the coach, or both.

With money a driving force behind near enough every division made in boxing, this should come as no surprise, no, but it’s a shame nonetheless.

The latest trainer and fighter to part ways under something of a cloud are Gennady Golovkin, the former world middleweight champion, and Abel Sanchez, his California-based coach.