Boxing News At Five | May 11 2018

Boxing News at Five: Prince Patel teases WBSS spot, Chris Eubank Jr teases burglars

Chris Eubank Jr fancies his chances against any potential burglar and Prince Patel fancies his chances against the best bantamweights in the world
Prince Patel v Brett Fidoe

FOLLOWING the announcement that three world bantamweight champions will be entering season two of the World Boxing Super Series (WBSS), the possibility that Prince Patel, the reigning Universal Boxing Organization (UBO) intercontinental bantamweight champion, might help complete the line-up is going to blow the minds of even those tolerant of boxing’s peculiar ways.

To start, an introduction: Prince Patel began his career fighting in Britain (where he’s still based) and p*ssing a lot of people off, before uprooting to Hungary, which is where he has mostly been boxing since 2017. There have been cameos in Poland, Latvia and the Czech Republic, but it’s predominantly Hungary where Patel can be seen – or not seen – bashing up ill-equipped opponents about whom little is known.

In fairness, he’s beating these opponents, substandard though they may be, with ease, getting the job done quickly, and has also been extremely active of late. In fact, just five months into 2018, Patel managed to box a whopping eight times, a feat unheard of in this day and age. (This activity rate speaks more to the level of opposition than Patel’s hunger, of course, but it’s kind of impressive all the same.)


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