July 13, 2016
July 13, 2016
born a believer

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BORN A BELIEVER is a documentary, a story about Carney’s Community, a charity-run boxing gym that helps London’s troubled youths and is directed by Darius Norowzian.

Edited by Grey London’s head editor Matt Newman, the documentary is told through the eyes of five emotionally engaging reformed characters. It not only gives an insight into the troubles of post-gang life but also highlights how vital Carney’s Community is in preventing those labelled as ex-gang members slipping back into their old ways.

Original score by Zach Nahome alongside the original track Born A believer composed for the film by Jonathan Goldstein with lyrics and vocals from prominent UK rapper, Essa.

The documentary is the precursor to a follow up feature length film looking at the struggles of post-prison life of young lives in the UK due to begin filming later this year.

Inspired by the late Fitzroy Lodge amateur boxing legend Mick Carney MBE, Carney’s Community gets disadvantaged and excluded young people off the street and away from a life of crime and despair by giving them skills, discipline and self respect.

Carney’s Community’s work reduces offending, re-offending and anti-social behaviour, whilst improving social mobility and community cohesion. Consequently through boxing they improve the quality of life for the communities they serve.

Director, Darius Norowzian: “I came to this project with the thought of filming a few interviews and some boxing and within a month would have a small film to share. However, having joined the boxing gym to get a feel for what they actually do, I instantly knew this would be something much bigger. One after the other, different members of Carney’s Community wanted to get involved and the film organically grew into an in depth look at the struggles of post-gang life. I knew I was part of something special when everyone who I came to for help did not only work for free to make this happen, but were all so pleased to be a part of bringing this story to life. I’ve been so affected by the process that I’m now working on telling an even wider feature length story of the struggles of the struggles of ex-gang life in London.”

Producer, Pip Williams: “Our aim is to make a documentary with an alternative angle on youth crime – exploring not the conviction, but the release from prison and the struggles that these kids have when they are back in the real world. Carney’s Community plays a key role in reshaping the community in south London and also shows how sport can break down barriers. I’m excited to be working with Darius, who has shot an amazing short that introduced me to this world, and we look forward to working together to make a documentary that gives young people hope and self belief.” 

George Turner, Manager, Carney’s Community: “Our hope for this film is that it will reach many different sections of society and give them an insight into the plight of our participants.  It will give them the opportunity to see what has led these participants to live life they way they have been, but more importantly it will show them the strengths and skills these young people possess and how they are now using them to have a positive impact on their local community.  The young people involved all have huge talents and we would like to think that there are people out there, who can help them to continue and improve the impact they have on society.”

About Carney’s Community: The aim of Carney’s Community is to break down barriers between different groups in society, reduce offending, re-offending and anti-social behaviour, whilst improving social mobility and community cohesion.  They achieve this by engaging a range of young people (from disadvantaged groups such as those suffering child poverty, young offenders and those with disabilities) in positive and constructive activities, specifically boxing fitness.