Fitness | Training | Mar 28 2018

Aarron Morgan: ‘Embrace the grind’

Aarron Morgan describes the sensations and the principles of beginning training camp
Aarron Morgan
Boxing - York Hall, Bethnal Green  |  Action Images

Start of a training camp…

The noise was sharp. It penetrated my ears like a sharp jab splitting the guard. Cruising down the Vegas strip in the Lamborghini was quickly fading. I was waking up. The noise, my alarm, telling me that once again its time to get up, its time to get dressed, its time to hit the roads. Camp is back in session.

I am now back in full training for what will be my second outing of the year and professional contest number 15. I will be competing on Saturday April 28 at the famous and historic York Hall in Bethnal Green. Being from east London myself, York Hall has always held a special place in my heart and I’ve loved every time I have got to compete there. There is something about the balcony seats being just above the ring that gives you an almost Roman amphitheatre feeling. The energy and atmosphere in there is electric and I look forward to once again stepping into the auditorium.


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