Fitness | Gear | Dec 06 2017

A new invention from Colin McMillan

Colin McMillan has designed Box Weave to hone your defence while practising bagwork
Colin McMillan

FORMER world champion Colin McMillan has devised a new invention to help boxers hone their defensive skills while practising bagwork. Box Weave is an accessory that attaches to an existing bag, is adjustable to different heights and allows you to roll under its bars as you train and hit the bag.

It was McMillan’s brainchild from initial idea through to manufacture. “I’ve got a boxing academy (we go into schools and we’re based in Redbridge sports centre) and I’m always trying to think about ways for people to work on their defence. Throughout my career I’ve always thought boxing’s about hitting and not getting hit. The people who really inspired me were Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard and people like that. I was always thinking of something that would enhance that and while doing a training session,” McMillan said.

Colin McMillan